Namik Yusufov, DDS, MDT

Dr. Namik Yusufov has been practicing dentistry since the age of 14, while helping his mother at work. After attending dental school, he completed a 2 year residency in the former Soviet Union. Dr. Yusufov continues to pursue his education at the NYU School of Dentistry. He continues to thrive at NYU, UCLA, and IDEA.

Dr. Yusufov is committed to providing the highest level of competency and the best care available to his patients, so he enthusiastically continues his education and attains certifications to meet the quality demands of today and the technology of tomorrow.

Striving to maintain the safest possible environment for his patients, Dr. Yusufov and his highly trained staff are dedicated to providing every patient state-of-the-art dental treatment in a warm and caring environment.

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